Born September 10, 1981 in Colorado, David began drawing and sculpting at a very young age. He was brought up in a home where art was highly accepted and his creative mind had free reign. He began creating creatures of the unknown and unseen while still in elementary school. Then in high school, he started working in art studios around Loveland, Colorado where he was immersed in all aspects of sculpture and the lost wax process. His first studio job (2000) was at Dan Ostermiller studio where he was taught how to mold, patina, weld and metal chase. His father, George Richardson, was the foreman there for many years. David worked alongside his father and Dan sculpting numerous monuments which can be seen across the States. David then landed a job at Kent Ullberg studio (2004). David and Kent have maintained a great working relationship and tight friendship to this day. In David’s development in the art world he also studied under and worked for Fritz White.

Since then, David’s work has been featured in many publications and has shown in art exhibits from LA to NYC. David’s art is featured in both public and private collections throughout the USA, as well as England, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong and Australia. His sculpture has even been recognized by the great and talented movie director, Guillermo Del Toro. David celebrates diversity through his art, working in many different mediums. Embracing life-death- rebirth, David's sculptures are very primordial in thought and have very powerful significance. David has dug down into his unconsciousness to unearth deep-seated emotions and thoughts, bringing them to the surface of his reality and giving them life and permanence on Earth.

In addition to being a sculptor, David is a master metal worker. He has worked with some of the greatest sculptors of the 21st century: Kent Ullberg, Fritz White, Dan Ostermiller, Dan Glanz, Wayne Salge and Randy Hand, to name a few. He has helped sculpt, mold, weld and chase some of the biggest monuments seen here in America. "Working with and for these artists has brought me great pride and honor. I have learned so much and owe a great deal of my success to each and every one of them."

In 2009, David opened his own studio doing freelance sculpting & painting. Richardson Studio has worked hard to provide quality sculpting for any need. Richardson Studio has covered all subjects from animals to aliens, monsters to cowboys. Richardson Studio has worked with world-class sculptors Kent Ullberg and Fritz White as well as celebrities like the famous movie director and author Clive Barker. David has even had the opportunity to sculpt with the SPFX and Halloween prop company Distortions Unlimited in Greeley, CO.

In 2014, David began sculpting for Fusion Specialties in Denver, CO. Here he sculpts custom mannequins for clothing outlets all over the world. He was selected along with 4 others to sculpt for a segment that aired on the TODAY show. The segment was titled "Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty". While working at Fusion David has honed in on human anatomy and movement in the human form.


*Dave is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society (NSS)


*Dave is an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists


"I more than love David's

David Richardson with friend, inspiration, and the master of horror himself, Clive Barker.


Dave with international sculptor and good friend Kent Ullberg.

"David's able to infuse life

David Richardson with movie director, screenwriter, producer, and novelist Guillermo del Toro.

David Richardson with actor, stuntman, director, and award-winning special effects and makeup artist Tom Savini.